Hip Hop / Electro / R&B

    Patricia rise to the top of R&B Jakarta scene, started in Australia, while studying in 2001. Born with a mixture of German and Chinese blood, beautiful and bright, surrounded by people who were in the dance music industry, this girl’s hobby soon became a career to her amazement.  On her return to Jakarta, Indonesia in 2002, Patricia received an offer to play at a hip-hop party. Patricia’s performance was raw and for this home town girl, she gave Jakarta something never seen before, a stunning female R&B DJ. Offers came in fast from clubs and event organizers. Not to mention that she became one of the first female DJs in Indonesia.

    Within the same year, as an amazing marketing tool along with her talent, DJ Riri, founder of Spinach Records jumped on the opportunity to have her as a part of their team. Since then she has played at many major clubs all around Indonesia such as Embassy, Centro, Club Monaco, Retro, Manna House, Immigrant, Dragonfly, X2 (Jakarta), Dejavu, Bacio, 66, Huubar, Embargo (Bali), Amare, Embassy, Mansion (Bandung), Colours, Retro (Makasar), Corner (Manado), Hugos/Caesar/boshe (Surabaya, Jogja, Malang), Kalimantan, Sumatera and big events such as Godskitchen, Im3 konser 3 warna collaboration with Dewi Sandra, Ultimate Midnight, Lost Chapter, Blowfish Warehouse Project 2008 and the list goes on. She also became the first hiphop resident DJ at Jakarta’s top club VertigoXlounge.

    After 4 years being in the HipHop industry, with eclectic sounds from R&B, HipHop, Soul, Classics, and Reggae, she decided to broaden her genre into House. Ever since, she held more gigs around Indonesia’s major clubs in over 25 cities. Adding her creativity into her music, she collaborated  with a few musicians, namely Dewi Sandra, 3 female violinist, Duo percussion, Rejoz (the groove),..and many more. Her skills doesn’t stop there, having a talent in singing, she featured vocals together with G.O.A (Andre chillink and Derry Bunglon). The single called “Wondering Song” was chosen to be one of the tracks released on the album of “Jakarta Movement 2005”. Several years after her first single release, in 2009 Patricia worked with Dj Riri and his team to create another single called “grooving me” and was released on DJ Riri’s latest album “Last Call”.

    Early 2009, DJ Patricia once again teamed up for a collaboration, this time with one of the best drummer in Indonesia, Tyo Nugros.

    This duo has been known to rock the dance floor, combining electronic dance music that largely features House beats, but also ranges far and wide into genres such as progressive, breakbeats , tech house and rock.