Progressive, House


    At first, Marwan joined the Spinach Records team as marketing staff, to gain as much crowd as he can everytime Spinach Records held an event. Soon afterwards, he started to learn how to be a DJ in 2004. With the help of other Spinach DJs, Marwan found his way into his own skills of DJing. He began to play in small private and birthday parties all around Jakarta.

    During his early year as a DJ, Marwan became the first talent in Subspina management, a sub-label of Spinach Records management. Later on in 2006, DJ Riri himself ask Marwan to joined Spinach Records as one of its troop.

    In early stage of his career, Marwan brought a very fresh sound of progressive and house into our local dance scene whereas he became noticeable because of it. Being one of the talents of Spinach Records makes him feel so blessed and delighted. Because of it, he can learn many things about dance music and organizing an event from DJ Riri himself. Played in live set with additional acoustic guitar player and throwing his own events, were his way of showing his creativity and eagerness to learn more.

    In the year 2009, Marwan got himself in awe when – an online electronic dance music forum – awarded him as Junior DJ Of The Year REDMA 2009. REDMA is Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award, one of the most prestigious award in Indonesia clubbing scene.


    Marwan has been Playing in many various of gigs provided by Spinach Record ever since such as :




    Ø  Centro the club, Resident (Jakarta)

    Ø  X2 (Plaza senayan, Jakarta)

    Ø  La Dolce Vita & Heaven (Jakarta)

    Ø  Baby Face (Jakarta)

    Ø  Loft25 (jakarta)

    Ø  Retro the club (Jakarta)

    Ø  Venue (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Second Floor (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Vertigo &  XLounge (Jakarta)

    Ø  Embassy & Wonderbar (Jakarta) 

    Ø  Barbados cafe (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  The Rain (Jakarta)

    Ø  JK7 (grand flora kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Grand Manhattan (Jakarta)

    Ø  Musro (Jakarta)

    Ø  Stadium (jakarta)

    Ø  Mile’s the club (Jakarta)

    Ø  The Rich (Jakarta)

    Ø  G lounge (pool n bar, Jakarta)

    Ø  Xpose (Jakarta)

    Ø  Dizzy (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Bestment (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Bross (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Cleo’s (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Embrio (kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Ads bar (kemang, jakarta)

    Ø  Green (Kemang, Jakarta)

    Ø  Barcode, la code fin (kemang, jakarta)

    Ø  Pure (kJakarta)

    Ø  Parc (Jakarta)

    Ø  9 clouds (Jakarta)  

    Ø  Liquid (citos, Jakarta)

    Ø  Mezza 9 (pondok indah, Jakarta)

    Ø  Spazio (pondok indah, Jakarta)

    Ø  M5 Point Lounge (Jakarta)

    Ø  FLO Lounge (Bellagio kuningan, Jakarta)

    Ø  J Lounge (htl Grand Melia, Jakarta)

    Ø  Manchester United (cafe n resto, Jakarta)

    Ø  V2 (Jakarta)

    Ø  Xone (Bogor)

    Ø  LC (Bogor)

    Ø  Lips (bogor)

    Ø  Haha café (manado)

    Ø  Boshe vvip club (Yogyakarta)

    Ø  Liquid (Yogyakarta)  

    Ø  Studio East (Bandung)

    Ø  Amnesia (Bandung)

    Ø  66 club (Bali)

    Ø  Deejay café (Bali)  

    Ø  Kamasutra (Bali)

    Ø  De’One (Pontianak, Kalimantan)

    Ø  Hugos café (Pekanbaru, Riau)

    Ø  Dome station, Resident (Pekanbaru, Riau)

    Ø  Hotel Grand (Jambi)

    Ø  and many more.




    In mid 2008, Marwan found out that the sound of Trance and Techno is the real soul of his music from the very beginning. Due to that reason, Marwan wants people to know that Trance and Progressive music are his signature now. With the influence from Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, and many other, Marwan continues to create his own signature in music. But it doesn’t mean that he cannot play music other than Trance. In the mean time, Marwan is focusing on learning how to make his own track.



    Highlight Gigs:

    -       Spinach Records ‘SouthWay’ Tour / Jkt - Bali ( 2005)

    -       Heaven club presents NYE Party @Heaven (31 dec 2005)

    -       Djarum super Presents ‘Mezzo Motion’ (16 dec 2005)

    -       Perbanas presents ‘friendship and charity’ @Barbados Cafe’s (04 dec 2005)

    -       Star mild cool menthol & spinach presents ‘Vinyl addict’ @Retro (17 march 2006)

    -       Centro presents ‘Be my Valentine’ @Centro (2006)

    -       Spinach presents ‘Neighbourhood #2’ @Dizzy (2006)

    -       The Rain presents “Progressive Vibes” 3 Hour set @The Rain (18 April 2006)

    -       GLCK & subspina presents ‘manhattan Fever’ @Grand manhattan club (10 june 2006)

    -       Warp phonic & Spinach presents ‘Electro groove magnetic’ @Dizzy (07 july 2006)

    -       Marlboro Presents Part2 ‘Devil’s Parade2’ @Mezza 9 (16 sept 2006)

    -       Spinach presents “class room” @Retro (30 nov 2006)

    -       Spinach presents ‘uncounditional #10’ @wonderbar (09 nov 2006)

    -       Spinach & Dafkaf presents ‘Trifecta’ @Wondebar (14 april 2006)

    -       Studio East Presents ‘Jungle Bash’ New years 2007’ @Studio East, Bandung (31 dec 2006)

    -       Marlboro Presents ‘Exhibition and Attraction with 3 stars @Dome Station, Pekanbaru, Riau (2007)

    -       ‘One love with Dome Station @Dome station, Pekanbaru, Riau ( 2007)

    -       Dome station presents LOVAHOLIC 28 with KATON BAGASKARA @Dome station, Pekanbaru, Riau (2007)

    -       Soempoerna presents HAHA café Anniversary @HAHA, Manado (15 dec 2007)

    -       Marlboro presents “SOUNDSTREAM” @HUGOS café Pekanbaru, Riau (21 dec 2007)

    -       Rave party With DJ RIRI feat GIRI @GRAHA WANGSA, Bandar Lampung (2007)

    -       L..A menthol Presents ‘ULTIMATE OF SOUND’ new year eve 2008 with FHM @GRAHA WANGSA, Bandar lampung (31 dec 2007)

    -       SPINACH ALL STAR @Centro the club (2007)

    -       Spinach Presents “TRANSFORMER BEAT” with DJ Mark Eon (uk) @Centro the club (5 august 2007)

    -       Spinach Reocrds presents “LIVE 4 DANCE” DJ MARWAN feat ALVIAN the Accoustiq Guitar @centro Jakarta (2008)

    -       Djarum black slimznation presents “Spinach All Stars” road trip Jakarta - bali (2008)

    -       Mydecode presents “Chlorodance” @Green kemang (17 oct 2008)

    -       Cleopatra presents “Music for life a charity party” @Pure (19 sept 2008)

    -       Spinach & white label presents ‘SPIRIT OF DARKNESS’ feat DJ MARY AMADO from SPAIN @Centro the club (2008)

    -       Grand Manhattan presents “Mind Games” @Grand manhattan club (06 sept 2008)

    -       SOB & Centro presents “Sunset to Sunrise” Beach Party @Centro the club (27 august 2008)

    -       Star Mild music “Dirty Evil” Halloween party @Boshe vvip (yogyakarta)  (27 oct 2008)

    -       Wonderbar presents “WINGKO” (Winky & Miko) @Wonderbar ( 08 nov 2008)

    -       Japanese Harajuku NYE party @Fashion hotel, Jakarta (31 des 2008)

    -       DJ Marwan birthday bash “SUPERPOWERS” @Centro the club, Jakarta. (25 maret 2009).

    -       DJARUM BLACK MENTHOL presents “SPINACH ALL STARS ROAD TRIP” @Barcode, Jakarta (05 agust 2009)