House / Electro / Disco House

    Sparkling Saint are duo dynamic music creator who put their music onto dance tune line based on an electro house dance sounds, influince with mildly trance and chill session as well. All music produce by "iso" , the producer and music arrangger of the album, and all tracks with vocal are composedby "fla" the singer. This upcoming  fresh album is dedicated to dance and club tunes lovers.

    The first single is "A note :be mine" and will be followedby the second "Love Me" This album's tittle is "Saintronic" will be released under"SPINACH RECORDS" label, content 10 tracks including single which has released in DJ RIRI's album (STEREO MESTICA) and
    As a song writer and singer Fla's song has been released on BLACK HOLE RECORDS, by DJ PREACH< same label with TIESTO.