Progressive / Techno / Electro

    Started from getting DJ's set as a birtday present on his 18th from his parents, Reggy who studied autodidact and started his prformance in 2003 at retro club – Jakarta the dj with R&B genre, finally called Five D a.k.a reggy around the clubbers in jkt. in the same year, Reggy who used to be a profesional motoccros racer, finally made DJ Riri interested to ask Reggy to join him bellow the flag of spinach records which is the management that.... his new profession as a DJ.

    in the year of 2004, again supported by dj Riri as consultant, Reggy opened PRAHA management (R&B genre only) which is the part of Spinach records. That now has already had 5 R&B dj's (Five D aka reggy, Patricia, Deski, Djune & Arsya) is pretty active to follow up R&B gigs in Jakarta even in other cities. Besides doing his study in paramadina university, his goal is to be even more better and more serious in dance music, also his hobby and talent that push him up to be serious in progresive genre music in 2004 with his first gig at Co2 (wonderbar). since that moment, Reggy known by the people as a dj who can play two genre music. Reggy...... that has colouring dance scene is not only in many clubs or rave party in Jakarta, but he also already done it in other places out of java like Medan, Makasar, Bali & Pontianak.. And Reggy, have played alongside International DJs such as Dj Preach,Dj Tatiana,Ricky Goncalfes,Kasey Taylor,Fitalic,Jungle Jerry, etc Besides of showing up his performance in many prestigious event, Reggy also has got 2 brand event which got a very good respond from the clubbers.

    Brand event "TRANCENTRAL" - where abouts Reggy was being an icon on that show. which has successfully done in some cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja & Surabaya). Now Reggy with dj Bone (spinach) & dj Adhe (dafkaf) are doing their regular event which called "TRIFECTA" at wonderbar Jakarta.